multimedia What is Multimedia?

Miltimedia is the representation of any type of data, either text, photos,videos and/or audio through the use of digital technologies, mostly computers. 

At Ntebogang Technologies, we strive to give you the best when it comes to your media content. Need amazing photography for events and/or advertising? Need vidoes taken of events? Need to go futuristic and immerse your self in a reality that has been your fantasy? We can do all that for you. 

Below are some of our multimedia solutions we offer :


For those amazing moments you have. For those amazing advertisement pictures. We can help you get the best look and Photography for your business.

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For those jaw dropping advertisements videos and content. We got you cover with the best.

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Virtual Reality

Everyone has a fantasy they would love to experience. Now that is a thing of the past. With Virtual Reality you can be anywhere anytime without leaving your seat.

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360 Photography

Want a 360 view of your location for those google maps walk through or just for amazing panoramic photography? We can do that for you.

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