What is an IT Solution?

it solutions 2An IT solutions is a set of services and/or programs sold as a package to help you solve a certain problem or a numder of problems. These all come in different ways to solve different types of problems you might have. A good example of an IT solution is website development. When it comes to having and owning your own website, there are a lot of things that are requires such as the website code its self, having a name for the website (also known as the domain name), registering that domain name, having a place to store your website (also known as hosting), making sure that your site is secure from any malicious activities (which is done through SSL certificates), and also making sure your site is visible to people who are looking for it (which is done through search engine optimisation - SEO ). We at Ntebogang Technologies cut down all the hustle for all of this and we take care of everything for you. Below are some of the it solutions we provide to you:

Website Development

In the forth industrial revolution, presence on the internet is a neccesity if you intend to remain relevant. As a company you need a way for your clients and prospective clients to get in touch with you. In order to achieve this you will nedd a website. We at Ntebogang Technologies can help you build a custom website suited for your company and its needs.

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Domain Registration

Domain registration is the process of registering the name of your website on the internet for it to be easily accessible.

When you create a website, you have the wish for it to be accessed by other people. For this to be achieved, you website should have a name that people can type into the search engine and be given a link to go to it, for example, we at Ntebogang Technologies can be found under the domain name of Ntebogangtechnologies.co.bw.

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Web & Email Hosting

When you have made your website and are ready to make it accessible to everyone else, it will need a place to be store where it can be accessed 24/7/365 with no interuptions or set backs. This proccess is called hosting a website.

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SSL Certicates

When accessing the web, one of the biggest issues that people always want to know is, will their information be safe? A website with no SSL certificate is vulnarable to malicious attacks and risks information passed through it being stolen.

A Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) Certificate comes in as the standard technology by which any internet connection can be secured and can safegaurd any sensitive information from being read, modified or stolen by criminals

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Ecommerce & Payment Gateway

Many people are slowly moving to online purchases as this is much fasterand less time consuming as compared to physically going places. Many websites are starting to implement an ecormmerce payment system to their sites to easily sell their services to their clients and their prospective clients.

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IT Consultancy

With the fourth idustrial revolution here. there are many technological advancements coming out everyday and it is important to keep your business as relevant to current day as possible.

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